“Oh Death, Where is the Antidote to Thy Sting”

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I know I come late but I bear gifts of interest for you. I almost always drown (I wrote waste and for the umpteenth time corrected myself… nothing is a waste Shalini, remember what Jock says?) a lot of time if I am into something. Deep down, under. I was under Masterchef AUS’s spell. I can’t tell you the rollercoaster I went on. Food made emotions more potent and heavy, as each of the contestants I liked got chipped away in the competition. My favorite of course won it- Justin but there was another winner for me- Pete. Can I just say that in a high trade competition with a dozen new ingredients every week, pressure tests which pile on and on, dreaded toasty elimination Sundays- Pete remained calm as a Storm on the Sea of Galilee- calm on the outside but a tornado of ideas and jitters and humbleness on the inside. He lights up with his energies. Tommy, another cook, short of the Final Five was different but not my favorite and he was actually the most liked by the judges because of his cheesiness, his humility, love, and stage fright of a teacher who is now cooking 3-Michelin dishes in 60 minutes. He reminded me of me. That is why I never fancied him much but I must have cried the loudest, big teardrops as he said his goodbye. I felt as if I had lost. He had so much conviction and reasons to stay, do his bit but he had to leave a pack which was just a perfect set of contestants, each having their own hold on a cuisine or flavor profiles, each coming from contributing countries which make up Australia.

The winner, Justin Narayan has been imprinted on my mind and stayed so throughout my travel through Tamilnadu, India. I started off on a Monday and it has been a week of traveling, spending big bucks which I am going to regret later but I had been waiting for getting my ass out and I am glad I did. What were you up to this last month? isn’t it scary that we are so near to the end of 2021 and it hurts?

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I have been nature hopping and trekking the wilderness of Kodaikanal. I was like a happy kid. Free to lose.

Here are some pictures and some more:

Completeness alone will reveal the truth, the movement of eternal life. Conflict can only, and must inevitably, exist between the false and the false, not between truth and the false. Isn’t that so? There cannot be a conflict between what is true and what is false. But there can be conflict and there must be a conflict between two false things, between the degrees of falseness, between the opposites

A Hartford Wise Guy And A $500 Million Museum Heist

Don't sell the farm yet, believe in me
Don't break the branches off the family tree
I'm made of good wood, bend but don't break
There's only some much middle sons can take
My mechanics of coping
Alcohol, melatonin
Ain't enough to get you out of my life
You can grab, you can hold it
But you're gonna let go when
Everything about it just ain't right
So we're just
Dead fields sown in pain
I'm the last of your name
I can't do it all but I wouldn't do it all the same
Hard hearts, soft on the past
Well the hurt came quick, bitterness came to last
You're the one thing that I want
And the wanting's all I'll have- J Roddy Walston and The Business
what I really mean. He paints my name across the floral bed sheet and ties the bottom corners to my ankles. Then he paints another for himself. We walk into town and play the shadow game, saying Oh! I'm sorry for stepping on your shadow! and Please be careful! My shadow is caught in the wheelsof your shopping cart. It's all very polite.Our shadows get dirty just like anyone's, so we take them to the Laundromat—the one with the 1996 Olympics themed pinball machine—and watch our shadows warm against each other. We bring the shadow game home and (this is my favorite part) when we stretch our shadows across the bed, we get so tangled my husband grips his own wrist, certain it's my wrist, and kisses it.- Paige Lewis 

“This is one of the great paradoxes of happiness: we have to call off the search to be able to find everything we’ve been searching for. The narrative that I had chosen to believe that I was missing something - was the thing causing my unhappiness.” - Happy Sexy Millionaire

Meek young men grow up in libraries, believing it is their duty to accept the views which Cicero, which Locke, which Bacon, have given; forgetful that Cicero, Locke, and Bacon were only young men in libraries when they wrote these books.


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A real artist does not talk about his self-expression, he is expressing that which he intensely feels; but there are so many spurious artists, like the spurious spiritual people, who are all the time seeking selfexpression as a means of getting something, some satisfaction which they cannot find in the environment in which they live.

Today’s Artist corner feature is about one of the most quirky Artists and ex-brand creators Madhavi. Nobody could imagine that after crossing paths in Albania at a music festival, two hippies would come together to form a brand!

was born out of the brains of our artist, Madhavi. As a teenager at an Art college, all Madi wanted to do was share her artsy "things" - drawings, videos, illustrations, clay figurines, etc. Art is what she pursued and deep-dived into the industry. Young and bright, full of passion to create. Working as a Designer, she took up jobs and on the side, gave wings to Madi Things through social media. Madhavi is an inspiration and someone who has totally inspired me and I would love it if you could support her work by getting something for yourself and your loved ones. Check out the beautiful assemble.

Her right hand in her journey has been- Edward Gordon. The bond was over music, art, and deep conversations. While this friendship was budding, they spoke about taking Madi Things to the next level. Edward and Madi as she is sweetly called by her friends and family conceptualized an amazing Art brand that is rooted in its humility and serenity of choice of Artwork - Madi Things is everything for a hearty shop out. Cash-out. You can follow Madi’s Instagram page and gain a best friend.

Every artwork on the website has been conceptualized and designed by Madi. You can check out the collection of Artworks by Madhavi here. Heavily inspired by music, nature, and other art forms. Go ahead and experience the story behind every piece.

This land promises snowfall. This land promises windfall.
This land promises the return of brief days. May this land
promise you a body, some muscle, some organ, a brain.
Some ribs made of dark tinder, their insides lit, all vesicle,
atrium. May this kindling promise you a hearth and last
past your dread, October’s sleet, past scarred trees,
then winter, then mend and on and onward and orbit you so you are
blank as memory, turn into paper—crinkle, burn, and finally open.-

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