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It has been less than a year and -As of 19/8/2021 This space is growing. Almost 2000 Subscribers and counting. In the spirit of communal endeavor and mutual influences, I present you a one to ten minutes- which -can -sprawl- into -weeks and months kind of content, picked by me with a dozen links on varied themes and topics. Randomization at its best. A mixing bowl for sounding smart because you will be once you go down Belladonnaoflavender’s rabbit hole (where impliedly, belladonnaoflavender lives )

I will plug myself, pieces I loved. I care about your work too and you can let me feature you on my space. Shoot me a reply. Shoot me an earful.

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Published by many International & National Magazines, Medias & leaving my 9-10 to write/review/live my life has taught me many things. I wish to further and extend my learnings and know-how in the future with this Newsletter.

I am chaotic and yet not complex. Hence, with the visibility of once in a week, I can come fortnightly too. Be ready.


The number of writers has increased, but the number of readers has not…… I don’t only want to be a writer but motivate others through my others to read too. In that potential, the factor is to find readers and culture the youth and the old to write more. This space is to collect all the interesting things I read on the internet and all that I do apart from reading is watching a ton of things. So, if you like to read, watch or just take drugs, this place can appeal to you. Try me?