Peak hubris has wrought bottomless grief

And it is because of the elite who won't let you eat... at even your own table which you made: 10 Articles & my two cents on privilege

Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer had famously stated, “The compulsions of history and geography and the assault of modern science on the retreating forces of medieval ways — a mosaic like tapestry of lovely and unlovely strands — have made large and liberal tolerance of mutual criticism, even though expressed in intemperate diction, a necessity of life. Governments, we are confident, will not act in hubris, but will weigh these hard facts of our society while putting into operation the harsh directives for forfeiture.”

I thought about writing- If I could write about anything and it was to be read by many people and not sit in the anonymity of the written emergence - What would I talk about? What I MUST talk about?

An issue that has impacted me personally

An issue I know not many will talk about

An issue that will never be resolved and this last bit scares me.

I am transfixed so much so that I am constantly looking for a solution.

Do you have any?

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Hubris, a/k/a the "ME- Complex

There is a song called Hubris- The autopsy report read/ The insides were beautiful/ The autopsy report read/ The insides were beautiful/ The autopsy report read/ The insides, that's what's beautiful/ Insides were beautiful/ Insides, that's what's beautiful/ We're inside, it's beautiful-

Who qualifies as ‘Hubristic’?

Someone who is never wrong

Successful in all their ventures, or that they deserve to be above the law

A friend had remarked to me how we were at the beginning of kalyug and I had nodded. What else can you really do?

"There was a rich man who was dressed in purple and fine linen and lived in luxury every day. At his gate was laid a beggar named Lazarus, covered with sores and longing to eat what fell from the rich man’s table. Even the dogs came and licked his sores" (Luke 16:19–21).

Have you heard of Lazarus? Abraham wasn't wicked to Lazarus; he was indifferent. There is a difference between being bad and being indifferent. A higher crime is committed in indifference rather than being evil. James reminds us, we can't "merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves." We have to "do what it says" (James 1:22).

I know two kinds of people and I don’t understand both of them- One who is born in privilege and second, who misuse it. I have been surrounded by hubristic individuals all my life. Many times/ plupart times- most of these people don’t even know that they are privileged. Nobody is any wiser and I am not saying I have done everything I could have had to dispense equality and in my heart I know, it is going to be very difficult in totality. Also, be ready to die and crumble off if you want to bring a change that is against the tide. Humankind cannot bear reality as it is. Hamartia is caused through Hubris -a “movement of spirit” which drives oneself to be the end of self. Hamartia causes narcissism through ego-building and eventual peak.

The escalation of sadness, woes, and pain in this world is also the world.

The thought of quiet, calm, and progressive habits to make ‘life better’ are a privilege in itself. If you have the time to even think of what all should be done and not required, you are privileged. Majorly people worry about what they are going to eat next, how they will pay bills, or if they can afford that hernia operation that they have been postponing? There are so many ways where I know people think they can denounce privilege. They think that they can throw away privilege like it is a commodity. Some think that they are in a position to always have an opinion on everything and that is a by-product of conditioning and dollops of privilege-infested upbringing. Many parents in the upper-middle class have only one goal- to earn to find opportunities for their kids and future even before they have these kids or a future which is not helpful to the ones who might never get a chance to even think of a future. They don’t mind crossing you. They will ditch friendships because all their lives they have been taught that everything is disposable and replaceable. There is always power play in everything you do in your life and if you are not rich and blessed with nepotism and capitalism, chances are you will be on the sadder side of this power play with no cards left to be dealt. privilege makes you think that you’re limitless. That you can do and be everything. more specifically you-

  1. Can take away someone else’s space

  2. Can replace anyone

  3. Can disregard everyone if you can

  4. will never know the price of your projection

I know parents who tell their kids (Some have even told them in front of me)- “You have us.” I have always told myself, I have me and even in that I find an immense amount of privilege to even feel secure in my decisions and my being. There is no ground where a person who is left to his own devices pretty much all his life will be free from responsibilities, shame, and aspirations that bind him to the vulgarities and slow killing. Privileged people will sit on the throne of security and capital with abundant resources to waste but not give away- sit on high ground, policing others and petting the ones who can’t even feed or bathe themselves because they don’t know how to. It is so very easy to be privileged- that sometimes I think integrity and principles take a miss when it comes to going the extra mile for most of these spoiled rich brats and their kids. These kids then turn out to be aristocrats and Business people with no empathy and zero accountability.

It is very easy to oppress a population that is silent, depressed, or in isolation. People with privilege have infinite privileges just stemming from one aspect of their existence, where they are masters of their rosters, people work for them, around them, and never with them. There is always a disconcert. For example, I remember

Privilege makes things disappear, reappear, and never exist.

My mother used to comment often- Sab paise ka khel hai babua ( everything is about the monies) and she is right- money-making and hoarding have bred a batch of privileges that will never be diminished or erased. We are permanently handicapped by a history that is full of lies, exploitation, and disregard for the less privileged humanity which suffers even as I write about hubris and grief, two words 80% of them won’t even know.

we were always made to feel like we had less and that there was no help coming if - we did not get good grades

if we did not cycle 16 km in the sun every day to school

if we did not wash our own utensils

if we did not work tirelessly and all the while with grace on our lips for we at least have full bodies- (I have not even touched the topic this is. I have not even gone on the other side yet. yet, you are questioning everything with me-)

"Sentences and paragraphs. Sentences are not emotional but paragraphs are. I can say that as often as I like and it always remains as it is, something that is."
—Gertrude Stein, “Poetry and Grammar” in Lectures in America

Someone on Twitter, I think Devaiah Bopanna said that to be able to do what you want in knowing that you will be able to go back to where you were if things don’t work out is only an option for the privileged. You don’t have any money but chances are that your father does- and that is a privilege. Even having options. Even knowing that you can go many-a ways in a street where there are people who can’t even enter.

My father had nothing when he was young. He was beaten up to even ask to buy books to study. It is not the same for me. I have heard horrid stories of privilege in my father’s days when people were still trying to find a voice and ways to disseminate it. Today, with all the means, the needy and the helpless get lost in the noise and nobody cares. As French cultural theorist Paul Virilio famously said, “The invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck.


Distribute. Give away a bit. Giving away is very important for the economy. Hoarding is not. Hoarding wealth is a state of hubris.


"Consider now
a shadow on this body,
how each small
essential unit becomes
a logical
constant, copula that will
have nothing
to do with existence, no
—Jay Wright, "banãngolo" in Disorientations: Groundings

Some get options. Some choose money over skill or skill sets over monies. Some decide that they want to live freely and with as little headache as possible and they do that, always financially struggling somewhere. There are those who only define their lives by security and fear of the unknown brazens them to earn even more, hoard more.

I chose instability and innocuous grounding to be a survivalist.



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