Our Lives In This Anthropocene

fucked, fucked, fucked: Lists ka lust

This image is from Mr. Mercedes. Suits 2021. Issa mood. A Tv Show I had watched after reading King's novel based on the same title. What a great fucking show. The day I had completed the novel on paper, I encountered the show. It was meant to be. I remember I had watched it on some pirated site. Can’t say that it was as amazing as the novel but man, the whole serendipitous encounter changed my outlook towards it. I got to know today that there are S2 & S3 of Mr. Mercedes and I can't seem to find them online. Apart from Apple TV. And I can't afford another OTT. My consumption and happiness halt here.

If you really think about it- you are basically looking at a day in your everyday life- indistinguishable in terms of what products or brands and companies rule over your decisions, your making. How companies make you. How they influence you- but I am not here to focus on that. My quest is- who influences most?

They are few.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook & in my instance BigBasket and my 9 OTT Subscriptions.

If these companies control you and make you dependable, that does not dwell well and is never going to end well. It does not matter. It will never matter to them. You don’t matter. The monopolistic tech companies will eat you. Walmart and Amazon will gobble you. Pharmaceuticals will slowly drain you. Some in-between which should not be missed, make the most out of this rut. These companies work on profits and are blind to actually contributing to the welfare of the populae. Because guess what? that is not their job! I am an integral person and an empath- double whammy! Which makes me suffer on an everyday basis- for I crave peace and quiet in a chaotic bazaar which never sleeps. Bujo foamed coffee, and beaten beans, Vipassana, mindfulness, Rinzai Zen can only help so much. We can’t keep having these conversations, forever. Minutiae have overtaken in the form of an iceberg hitting the Titanic and not the other way round- We are blind. We have eyes but it seems like we are blind. I am not a hypercompetitive uncooperative jealous person who does not want to see people succeed, I am actually pining for people not failing due to some successes. You’ll be happier if you grade reality on a curve. But, what if I don’t want to be happy while half the world is counting on the other half to make things better?

Why don’t we focus on constellations, music, religions, philosophy & self creativity?

Where is it that you draw the line?

These corporate sharks have delimited faculties. They have shadowed what really matters and should matter. We live in a collective delusion.

"Life without industry is guilt. Industry without art is brutality"
— John Ruskin

“Coming home from very lonely places, all of us go a little mad: whether from great personal success, or just an all-night drive, we are the sole survivors of a world no one else has ever seen.” John Le Carré, 1931—2020.

Pareidolia is the human tendency to seek patterns where none exist, to ‘recognize’ things that are not there. I read tea patterns and see formations in puddles.

I keep on asking who will like what I write? The answer is you. If you read all this above and are reading this now- I am glad. This makes us visible, in issues where we feel the most. Nobody is ready to fight the bull. I am. YOU ARE TOO. People who struggle, who wake up at the night, perspiring, or the ones who switch off their AC every 15 minutes till it’s again too hot to bear- You are just like me- Unlucky but available for life to happen.

Read that again- Unlucky but available for life to happen

We Insist We Persist

We need conviction

"For me, a freelancer is like a cactus. We can survive tough conditions but we still need love and water."- Jenny Stallard

Lately, I’ve been thinking that what drives so much of the anger and antagonism online is our helplessness offline. Online we want to be good, to do good, but despite these lofty moral aspirations, there is little generosity or patience, let alone human kindness. There is a desperate yearning for emotional safety. There is a desperate hope that if we all become perfect enough and demand the same perfection from others, there will be no more harm or suffering. - Roxanne Gay


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