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I never ask if “I like it” or “I don’t like it.” I think “this is what it is” or “this is what it isn’t.” —Richard Feynman
“Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” —Erica Jong

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The Three Stooges

I am not entirely sure if talking to the 90’s kids about The Three Stooges is unfamiliar. But if you don’t know- let me refresh and tell you how I came to know about the history of clean comedy. For me, comedy meant Charlie Chaplin and The Three Stooges if you look at the global scenes. I had a 1TB hard drive full of oldies and goldies in my very first semester of Law School. I had everything good to watch and read in it. 1000+ e-books & 100’s of shows/movies! I was full and busy. Jerk of All Trades is a failed pilot for a "Three Stooges" TV show featuring the legendary Moe, Larry, and Shemp. The concept of the show was that the Stooges would try a new profession each show. In the pilot episode, which received a lukewarm response, they were interior decorators. But I loved the episode. A-class Shtick. I have always wanted to dedicate a title to the classical comedians of a generation gone by. The pilot offered a range for the trio-potential occupations for future episodes: physicians, surgeons, lawyers, engineers, psychiatrists, optometrists, "downtown-etrists", bank examiners, real estate brokers, income tax preparers, and babysitters. Jerk of all trades?

There are tags and posts with sightings of Ernest Olkowski Was Right and nobody knows who is doing this and where are these coming from and it makes me learn a thing about me (I love mysteries ) and a thing about the world (the world is a mystery). If you look around, there is so much potential but also failure all around you. And in between these two points lie much ado about everything else there is. For instance mysteries. They are neutral till they are solved. Mysteries compensated for those times when people and the world let me down. Jerks.

From reading about using vaginal moisturizer in the dead of the night (to not masturbating that day) to how to use Gua sha on the body and its benefits, I have been equally fascinated by my week on Reddit. I have been obsessed with the things I can find on Reddit.

In what I loved reading and I can not stop talking about- The Almanack of Naval Ravikant is a great insightful book by God himself. Tim Ferris never writes forwards and here he is- Prising and vouching for Naval who rose from nothing to become one of the most influential people according to me and many others. He talks about how reading Farnam Street has helped him and helmed the way to not preach but drill into your heads principles that would otherwise be hard to cling to. Naval’s book is one of the most honest wisdom-sharing tools, and I say tools because it is. If you read it, circle back to me and tell me I was wrong. I read Farnam’s Newsletter religiously. from where I had absorbed this the previous morning- We are a culmination of our experiences. How we process this information and encode it into something meaningful is intrinsically tied to our memory. Understanding how it works and how to use tools or tricks to make it better is a worthy endeavor. Naval gave a very simple heuristic: If you’re evenly split on a difficult decision, take the path more painful in the short term.

If you look at the world in front of you- It is all about people being as talented as making and inventing new things without having much and people who just sit and pontificate. Reading about people who have something to show for and convey is what I have invested my time in. The investment is into books which nobody reads these days and also documentaries which get doubled under senseless gore shows with special effects. I invest my time in people nobody is eager to think of or look at.

Each day, I traverse through multiple Newsletters wondering if my letter is being seen, heard, and viewed exactly like this by someone I don’t have the privilege of knowing. That person might learn something and quote it in a queue to his girlfriend or whisper a fact he has absorbed to his weeping baby, as if the baby might nod and understand, sharing what I know, I share. We are unbridled pattern recognizers and profligate theorizers.

The proof is in the pudding

"If you tolerate too much half-heartedness, it’s probably because you’re half-hearted. As in: anxious and ambivalent, looking for reassurance. As in: bored, along for the ride, not really sure about your own feelings and opinions. As in: external locus of control vs internal locus of control. You probably don’t have anything in your life that really tethers you to yourself—you don’t have conviction about what you love, so you’re hoping that someone else will provide you that certainty. I think that people come alive when they’re serious about what they love—when they choose to pay careful attention to what feeds and sustains them." — How to Avoid Half-Heartedness

“There is no certain way of telling in advance if the daydreams of a life dedicated to the pursuit of truth will carry a novice through the frustration of seeing experiments fail and of making the dismaying discovery that some of one’s favorite ideas are groundless.”

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Randomly inserting awe- This image of spaghtetree which is a tree struck by lightening posted by u/mrnicewatch23 and an ant super lifting some grapes (down below) by unknown-

And this human chain protesting

"We value more those things that have recently become less available to us." – Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

In a very uplifting week that came after a series of rejections and downright disappointments, my poetry piece- “Sur Lukt” got published amongst the ‘Top 25 Poets in Verse of Silence Poetry Pamphlet Contest 2021’. I am elated for the honor of having my thoughts being put into perspective through a well-known poetry contest, one of the poets whose work I follow has also been published by them and I just loved her piece in it. My few pithy words that have been featured for people to read are a big achievement for me. Second came my poem “Abruptly-” which got published by The GoodMen Project, another old and reputed blog. Some poems are also going to be nominated for the Pushcart Prize and I can only wink at myself in the mirror, good girl, here you go

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“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” —Buddhist saying

Sometimes when I look at the world, I feel as if as a world, people with brains and functionality in this world- we are missing something important. The whole evasiveness of the idea that there is a definite gap or there is something which we humans fail to understand/comprehend because it is just beyond us… no matter how many books you read and how way back you go or think of millions of years into the future- what is missing is going to dominate and not even be missed


(PS- Please note that I am experimenting with this corner where I support and talk about my favourite Artists/Businesses and creators)

I want to introduce you to South Asia's Biggest Literary Magazine- The Bombay Review

They publish Medias, Grants, Awards, Books, Events, Courses + Humor and they are one of my favorite Magazines. TBR is well known in literary circles but if you are not aware of them then you are missing out on a lot.


  1. Joker BGM Song (Bass Boosted) Anytime I am down or wanting to not wait in between deciding what to read next, I open my browser to bang my head

  2. A serial killer in London is murdering young women he meets through the personal columns of newspapers. He announces each of his murders to the police by sending them a cryptic poem. After a dancer disappears, the police enlist an American friend of hers, Sandra Carpenter, to answer advertisements in the personal columns, and lure the killer.

  3. Click if you love Sofia Vergara- She was my favorite piece of arse, literally, from all and ever!

  4. The Greatest Roast Masters- WHATTTT

  5. Every Single Gangsta Sketch - Key & Peele- Yes Sir, these guys can become my best friends now, please?

  6. How The British Took Over India- Definite link to brush up that history

  7. Mousse T. - Horny (Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey Just 17 Mix)- Groovyyyy

  8. Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Danny Howells Remix) on loop

  9. What are The Walten Files?- Is Belladonnaoflavender’s Sub even a sub without a mystery to cloud the mind and clog the brains?

  10. The Most Dangerous Rabbit Hole on the Internet- Get lost!

Eat the orange, throw away the peel

"Of all the qualities that enable Kant to achieve so much, one is inconsistency" — Derek Parfit

I watched some amazing flicks. Right off the bat-

  1. Vivarium on Prime was really excellent. A treat to watch in the dead of the night! I kidnapped some friends of mine and made them watch this sci-fi weird yet amazing movie by holding them hostage *wink wink*

  2. Prime is such a non-douche some days! Watch with a lot of heart and heat- “The Vouryer” which has an ending you won’t see coming and I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense and the acting.

  3. MTV Supermodel Of The Year S02 is my current watch and it also made me shed tears of joy and I feel proud of some of the most beautiful ladies on the screen. Who are you rooting for?

  4. Prey on Netflix was a heart-racin’-but-not-quite-enough rat and mouse flick which bowled me over and reminded me of ‘Caliber’ as well as ‘Bullet Head’.

10 Sundry Articles worth reading

  1. Everything you wanted to know about slime

  2. Hummingbirds and the Ecstatic Moment

  3. Here’s how a flower extract keeps off mosquitoes.

  4. The curse of the pharaoh hypothesis

  5. Lauren Oyler’s review of the phenomenon known as “table season” strikes a wonderful balance between the ordinary and the curious.

  6. ​​The psychology of regret: how inaction affects our sense of self

  7. 73 Questions With Lorde: Fame, Childhood Dreams, and Her New Album

  8. What’s in a Necronym

  9. Alberghi Diffusi of Italy

  10. The culture of ‘low and slow’ rides

  11. Bonus, baby! A Sentence is a Lonely Place

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