I am living watchless, timeless, groundless

and loving the unknown: Branson Vs Kodak

Age 6- I used to sit down with a book in my hand on a rustic balcony, no phone, no internet, only the sun, and the moon -overwhelmed by how much my mother used to toil with juggling 10000 things, timelessly

At 11 -I used to tune into the radio on my dad’s mobile phone. The first mobile phone in our household to listen to English tracks which would only play at 11 PM till 1 AM the next day, at 12, I used to feel relaxed, watchless

Age 15- I used to cycle from my home, 8 km out to my school at dawn, back at noon, to be out again, 8 km out, out till 10 PM- Studying Maths & Subjects a year or two early. Watchless even by me

Age 22- I was walking with my backpack on the foothills of the Himalayas, 7th day of telling Mother that I was alive- watching horses grazing in the distance and I knew I was groundless

Age 28- I know I am living

I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else. “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”, I tell myself, outside my body like the writers before I did. I bit my lower lip so much today that I felt anxious and memorable. I outdid many routines I was set in. I like the art of possibilities where anything can happen. You cannot plan these things and that attracts me to do different things every day. I sometimes plant, clean my chui mui but I also sometimes forget to do so. I don’t kill the plant ever and I also get to pluck some frangipanis, for instance, the rut awards me with another rut, every day, every inch of a day. I fixate on nothing. The exceptional is ubiquitous; to be entirely typical is the rare and lonely state.

A while back I made a point. Here. That I am a general specialist but guess what? I am not- I am rather a solo multipreneur—an individual who pursues multiple activities as a portfolio, either serially or in parallel. What activities you might ask? In answer and in recognition of my promise to introduce myself, I am going to tell you what all I can do-

I write for anything and everyone. From book proposals to pitches to Web content to cold emails. I am the master writer who can fold multiple streams of writings in my portfolio, every day. Each minute I am bettering myself through reading and writing. I read for Southern Review Of Books and multiple international and national Publishers, individual authors, marketers, and sometimes I teach, write blogs, review movies and do absolutely nothing. I have given away my place at the table of Big Fives and Legal spaces for people who might really terribly enjoy that workspace more than me. I am more productive when I am doing a lot. If I don’t have anything to do, I get depressed. I like creating relationships that have not been created before. Real-life and real careers collide on a regular basis. More than successes, in a writer’s life, things are imperfectly perfect and there is always involvement of grit. Lots of grit and ground. Both are necessary for a flight of a decadent kind. The best place to invent the future is away from our desks. I believe in this. Don’t really remember who said this but it struck me so oddly well that I remember and keep saying this to myself, every time I fail, every time I am not enjoying myself scribbling at my desk.

The gig economy is defined as - A labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work, as opposed to permanent jobs.

This definition was never meant to convey that gig means permanence. That gig is not exactly a side gig. But it is a fulfilled role where everyone would agree that 9-5 or everyday hustle was not for everyone. your burgeoning ancillary skills are primary to me. Branson is a visionary, he knows how to start a business from scratch, enter risky areas and make a profit. Kodak despised innovation and it faded away while what we have is Richard in a space shuttle making history a few decades later. I have always despised security or collaterals. They are not me. I cannot simply waste my time in NOT doing something which I feel I must regardless of what people around me do or NOT.

What to you is bs, is to me-balls

Your experiences lead to passions

The Respond to Change Principle encourages people to do two things:

1. Notice the change

2. Take action

No one but you is qualified to test the waters of multiple options or make a decision on the Goldilocks choice of what feels just right.

An agile career is a self-reflective, iterative career path guided by response to change, evolving job roles, and designed to optimize creativity, growth, and happiness. —Marti Konstant

Whenever contemplating the position of the serious
writer in this maelstrom of coin and pulp, I grow
delirious and speak glibly in extinct tongues.
Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road . . .
Walt Whitman, “Song of the Open Road”


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Shame and guilt and the amount of time you lose when you watch something half the season through without realizing that you have already watched it is just-

  1. So, I was so damn excited about The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills S5 popping in on Netflix that I rewatched S3 till 10 to realize I have already watched it. Which made me go ohno right in the middle of the day. My day was spoilt. I cant still believe it.

    Anyways, S5 it is. And it gets better. and better. WATCH IT if you are a girl who does not gossip. You will feel elated with the gossips and the lack thereof in your lives. You might also be jealous of these women but the more I watch them, the more un-jealous I get.

  2. I heard The Chair is doing rounds everywhere and the monger of Lit and everything Lit, I gave in. WATCH IT if you are nerdy or academic.

  3. Nava Rasa was good but not god-sent for me to forage better into regional storytelling. Some stories were hit and miss.

  4. I cannot ask you to watch The White Lotus because I am assuming you are or have already!

  5. AHS stories and not the series is for every psychological thriller/horror fan. MUST WATCH especially if you like anthology series of stand-alone episodes delving into horror myths, legends, and lore. I did not understand or like “Game Over,” the season finale of “American Horror Stories” but the “Bro House” episode was sleek. Like I rewatched it thrice so yeah.

  6. Nicole Kidman in Nine Perfect strangers is a class act. WATCH IT. The show is ongoing. There’s a reason Liane Moriarty’s books are hot TV properties

  7. I am currently watching Cruel Summer which is a thriller of my dreams.

  8. I also enjoyed Shershaah amongst flicks from the motherland and Bhuj too

  9. Little Fires Everywhere is something which I had read but I don’t remember much of and the series kind of is keeping me on edge so this is another show which I had to recommend to bring on the nerves

  10. I must recommend to you a lesser-known show: High Maintenance. If you love that green in a doobie, light up and watch this.

The imperfect is our paradise. Note that, in this bitterness, delight, Since the imperfect is so hot in us, Lies in flawed words and stubborn sounds. —Wallace Stevens, “The Poems of Our Climate”

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