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I have 60 cousins. More than 100 of family members. They might have 100s of people they had know. At least each of them with a tribe of their own.

Yet none of them subscribes to my newsletter. This newsletter. No one. Not a single one of them.

If I ask my people to subscribe, I can go from a 300 to 1000 easily, in a week. Or even a day if that was ever a possibility. We think subscriptions work on people knowing us, supporting us. But that's never the case. Someone told me to put myself out more. I did. It did help. Not going to lie… But the help is miniscule in terms of how much a stranger or a stranger tribe can do for you rather your own blood and bank.

Influencing or inspiring someone without them feeling jealous of you or without them wanting something from you in return is so rare. It happens in a void many times, which is unrecognisable and can't be zeroed on. And I have said this so many times, most of the people who are ‘on top' are really people with fake inorganic followers or a night of instant mention and fame. And then also, people who really matter, who are not as lucky as a night of fame and all time fun, they don't get the same coverage as these minions do.

The cringe gets applauses, the quality content remains unseen.

I always thought of having a small but supportive tribe. It takes time and effort, sometimes both in gallons before there is a tea party at all. I remember when I was in Law school, I was coaxed into joining SMs and I was only on FB and quite happy (never thought that I wanted to find a tribe not around me and SM was not an option for me and I loved reading, never thought I'll one day be sharing what I read or loved)

To change the current state of things where there's no sense to be prollied, many influencers are inspiring without really trying. To name a few, Aishwarya, who writes a newsletter named and Ankush Bhaguna can influence you more than the likes of Komal Pandey and Malvika Sitlani in the same sense this comparison itself is rot. Rot influence with just the mentioning of the comparative.

A 2000INR cream which I brought after I was influenced:

There are a number of ways in which I have been influenced on IG:

  1. I buy so many books which are recommended by my friends, strangers or accidentally through a tag or hashtag or even a challenge (the part of Instagram which is most influential acc to me has to be the bookstagram)

  2. I sometimes skip stories to go find ads which target my searches and are getting better and better everyday! I then buy things I don't need or don't have to buy

  3. Any girl will agree that cosmetics and skin care is the most obsessed

A List Of Reads

As always, even in bersek fashion, I never dim the light and bring you the best of reads from throughout the week (some days, I don't read anything but random articles on the internet)

  1. An important Library

  2. Obganje

  3. If you had to read one poemtoday

  4. A donation which goes directly to your daily wagers

  5. Pantsdrunk- Coolest word of the year Find!

  6. Why clubhouse is for introverts? ∆ I wrote this Article

  7. How to avoid reading while sleeping for long hours

  8. I read and reviewed two amazing books, different genres and one children's trilogy- Read my review of my good soul batch mate from my Masters Law School. An amazing book by Martin Savenborg and Rishi's foray into Children's Fiction is remarkable in its own three pegged standing

  9. Do you like rare historical photos? Say hello to your ultimate database (I bookmarked this for so long, yesterday I was looking to add two more links to these variable links and I found this gem of a site which helped me satiate my hunger for the old and the hungry)

  10. 15 Most Popular Cannabis Influencers You Should Check Out

Recently someone asked me :

And my reply to the 1st Q : I am an extremist. I live in extremes. (guess who just found the next title of her next letter!) And also validated my hardwork of posting so much content with so much gusto that if someone who can message me and talk, can surely check my feed out?

Anyways, I don't know what the cultural exchange is when it comes to making someone understand that you are not lying. That you indeed are a reader, that you love reading so much that you had to forgo relationships, jobs and places to be with your books and that you have read not only 2.5K but much more. (Annual reminder that numbers don't matter to me it's just that my Leo side of things gets pumped by casting digits with achievements because that's how I was brought up)

This guy didn't get a sure shot answer from me but came back to say after I added not every day I read a book a day but saying that aloud does make a difference on that particular day and he having heard this on THAT particular day might misinterpret as me being a stickler and a obsessive planner, but he instead heaved a sigh, “Well no one really does read so much everyday. I'm gald you are being honest. Most of us are living lies to please others.” To which I also had pointed out that I know people who read a lot everyday and who must have read more than 5K books. To which, one doesn't really have a reply to. Reading 700 WPM is my superpower, if I had to fill out a sentence in a slam book. What's yours? (do I talk a lot about me, I might but then I must!)

I am participating in South Asian Heritage Month. Check out my kick off post.

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